Installing and configuring the Linksys wifi router and wifi extender device requires lots of instructions. You have to be carefully while installing these advance wifi devices and you will find all these instructions from this website. You will able to install your wifi extender and router devices all these just because these instructions help you to manage the firmware update and login details for your device.

Make sure that you can easily use the setup CD for installing and configuring the Linksys wifi router device. in case you lost the configuration CD for your device, you have to download the setup from the Linksys online store. You can then follow the online instructions and your Linksys wifi router device will configured your home network.

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For accessing the local web page for your Linksys wifi router device you can use http:// myrouter.local web address and this web address can also be replaced with the http:// IP address. if you are getting issues while accessing all these login address then you have to make sure that you are configuring your device accurately.

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